After some years of web-scouting dreaming to go to the Lago Nero di Cornisello, finally this weekend the dream come true. The idea was in mind: we go there, we take some good photos at the sunset, some great Milky Way shot over the Dolomiti di Brenta, some startrails and, as a gran finale, some huge photos at sunrise. 

So, I made my backpack full of things: tent, sleeping bag, mattress, food, water, clothes and all my photographic stuff. The result was this:

Despite the heavy backpack I was in a good mood.  
Yes, in my mind everything was perfect. Just a little thing didn't had place in the equation. The forecast.  
But every forecast website for the zone look in the same direction: some clouds in the evening, a clear night, and again some clouds in the morning. Nothing more perfect than this.  
Well, the reality was another thing: almost 5 hours of cars (instead of 3 and a half), a sky plenty of heavy clouds, clouds all around us and gray landscape. 

In some ways we made our way to Rifugio Cornisello, restored ourselfes with a coffee and a piece of cake, and made our 30minute walk to the lake. We found our little place where put the tent and after 10 minutes we were ready.

With nothing to do, only exploring nearby the lake patiently waiting for the sky to clear up. Nothing of this happened. Just some isolated aperture in the clouds, but nothing that could be considered for some landscape photography.     

Soon we found ourself in the mood of boring waiting for something to happen. Waiting that put us in the tent early, just after a quick meal. 

First alarm at 23 to see if with some magic and help the sky was learing up. Nothing.  
We not even wxit from our sleeping bag. 
Second alarm at 5, now to see sunrise. At first everything seems to be dark…and, you can guess, cloudy…but after some minutes some call put ourself outside the tent. 

And this was the result. 

Waking up with a view like this will pays off every effort done, every hour spent waiting, every discomfort. 

Lago Nero di Cornisello, Carisolo (TN)
46°13'02.8"N 10°43'46.6"E
46.217449, 10.729622