How to Use a Color Checker in Photography

Have you ever wondered how to get a correct color match between what you see with your eyes and the image you're going to photograph?
The use of a color checker certainly helps during the development process of photography, until it is printed.

You can read more about Color Checker on my new article out now on expert photography >

Sunset in Vernazza

Due to the improved dynamic range of modern photo sensors, this HDR technique has become increasingly out fashioned or disused.
But sometimes it's fun to go back to using it, with the latest tools like the #tmpanel by Gaspare Silverii (go and look his channel for all the power of this panel).
And sometimes it comes back very useful.

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12 Tips for Long Exposure Landscape Photography

You can do long exposure landscape photography almost anywhere on the globe. The two main subjects are water and clouds. But there are also other possibilities to practice those gorgeous long exposure shots! Read our great 12 tips and learn how to use long exposure photography for even better landscape photography.

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