5 days in Cornwall, U.K.

Quick trip of 5 days accross the western lands of U.K.
A boy, a girl, a car and some photographs.


It’s almost noon of a hot August day when we are finally ready to take off from the Bergamo airport, to Bristol.


The first leg of our journey takes us directly from Bristol Airport to Bude, the gateway to Cornwall.
And of course it brings us to the first pint of beer … 🙂
We arrived with the dark, so the first sunset of the trip was gone.


Newquay will be our homebase for the next couple of days, but before a little stop for a coffee in Boscastle. Also the first taste of the Celtic Sea.


One of most iconic views is Bedruthan Steps.
A beautiful plage in the north coast of Cornwall, a walk path will guide through beautiful cliff-top views. Need another visit, maybe with a high tide, and maybe in late spring when all the rocks top are full of pinklk little flowers.
Here on Wikipedia you can read more about it.

Well, this was the first day, the first real sunset and it was good. In this place the tide swallows the whole beach and the rock formations become real pyramids that rise from the water. So you have to take a shot from the top of the cliff.

One of this photo is also in the “My Favorites” collection:  See it


Holywell Bay is one of the Cornish spots for surfing.
Our plans are always perfect in the intensions.
We go to find our sunset spot early in the afternoon, we study the tide, then we come back to have dinner waiting some epic light.
In reality the only thing gone well was the dinner and the couple of pint waiting the goldern hour.
Not a good light arrived that night, only a thick bank of cloud, the tide incoming but with a forecast a little bit too long for us.


This lighthouse was one of the 2-3 spots I’ve studied before the begin of the trip in Cornwall.
Godrevy is a beautiful white lighthouse on a rock island, just a 100 meters from the coast. It needs some clouds to make dramatic the sunset or sunrise light and a high tide to cover the coast.
Another plan gone bad… 🙁

The tide did not materialize as expected and above all not at the necessary time, and in addition a huge bank of high clouds coming from the north-east made the whole scene very flat.
Not bad actually, because now I have two best spots in mind for the next visit 🙂


Another strange place. Very similar to the French counterpart Mount Saint Michel but in a smaller scale.
With the low tide you can walk in 10 minutes to the island, but be careful because if you don’t pay attention in an hour could arrive at your neck 🙂


We kept our best for the end of the trip. Land’s End is the most westerly place in England of which Enys Dodnan Arch is one of the most iconic spots.

Once again the plan failed from start to finish, unfortunately. Another dense bank of clouds arrived just at sunset, leaving a thin strip of clear sky on the horizon. In addition, it involved the beautiful clouds that were there just before and that would have made the scene dramatic.

Even the tide did not help. It had been higher it would have been much better, especially for the foreground where it would have covering the outcropping rocks on the bottom right part of the frame.